Real estate diagnosis: what are the costs and the steps?

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To sell a home, real estate diagnosis is a necessary step. This approach has a cost and must be done by a professional. But how much should we expect? What are the obligations as a seller?

What to diagnose to sell your house?

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Each year, the list of points to diagnose seems to grow. Since 1st January 2018, criteria have been added to the list. For sellers this represents additional costs that may inflate the selling price. However, the examination of the property aims to protect future buyers, but also the seller who will not risk prosecution if the diagnosis is made correctly.

In addition, certain diagnoses have a validity period of several years. “For questions of responsibility, notaries generally ask that the diagnosis be in the name of the selling owner. In this case, you can not use the diagnostics provided by the previous owners, ” explains Guillaume Exbrayat, Diagamter’s president at Le Monde. So, in most cases, everything will have to start from scratch. Here is the list of mandatory elements to be diagnosed for the sale of real estate according to the law:

Energy performance diagnostic :

This is a study to calculate the energy expenditure of a property and its emission of greenhouse gases. Thus, the property, but also its equipment will be analyzed. At the end of this analysis, the property will be classified on two scales ranging from A to G. An energy scale aimed at informing the future purchaser of the energy consumption of the property, and a climate scale indicating the impact of this first on the property. CO2 emissions. Unless performing work, the validity period of this analysis is 10 years.

The risk of exposure to lead:

This is an analysis to detect the presence of lead in the paintings of the property. If a certain threshold is exceeded, the owner will have to carry out the necessary work. The period of validity of this statement is one year.

The state of asbestos:

It aims to analyze the property so as to detect the presence or absence of asbestos. Its duration will vary according to the result.

The state of the electrical installation and/or gas:

Only dwellings whose installation is more than 15 years old are concerned by this diagnosis, which aims to evaluate the possible risks associated with improper installation or obsolescence of materials. This diagnosis has a validity period of 3 years.

The state of the sanitation facility:

This diagnosis concerns only goods that are not connected to the public network, but to a skeptic pit for example. Will be evaluated the risks to the health of the inhabitants, but also the possible malfunctions and the risks for the environment. This diagnosis will have a validity of 3 years

The presence of termites:

This analysis will be done only if the property is in a risk zone. To find out, it will be necessary to inquire near his prefecture or its town hall to know if a prefectural decree was deposited. If the presence of termites is noted, it will then involve a professional in order to clean the property. The analysis has a validity period of 6 months.

The status of “risk” and soil information easements:

If the property is located in a so-called “risk” zone (meron, radon, seismicity, pollution and other natural or technological risks) it must be indicated in the file. Once again, he will have to get closer to his prefecture to know the details. The validity period of the document is 6 months.

It aims to calculate the area of ​​housing.

Who to contact, how much does it cost?

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To carry out these diagnoses, professionals specialized in the issue of DDT (Technical Diagnosis File) can be contacted. It will be necessary to ensure the seriousness of the latter so that the documents provided are legally viable. For this, it will be necessary to get closer to professionals with the necessary accreditations. In addition, the government website provides some pointers in this regard such as “The Directory of Certified Diagnostics” . The only diagnosis that can be made alone is that of the Loi Carrez calculating the area.

Beware, however, if an error of more than 5% is noted the future purchaser may request a decrease in price. For the cost, everything will depend of course on the surface and the seniority of the housing “for a big house in a rural environment in which all the diagnostics must be carried out, the price can go up to nearly 2 000 euros” , warns Jean Perrin, president of the National Union of Real Estate Owners (UNPI) at the newspaper Le Monde.

According to some comparators, a budget of 400 € would be more average. As for any service, we advise you to find out about the seriousness, but also the prices of professionals so you do not get charged for analyzes that are not necessary and have the price as fair as possible.

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