How to get a loan?

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The loan is an agreement made between people and institutions, and it works when the company lends money that must be returned in a combined period of time.

The credit is used in the short term and custom made by means of bank account or credit card.

And the financing is when you use your as well as collateral, with low rates compared to other modalities.

However, before you apply for a loan, you need to analyze your finances and see if you can afford the loan installments.

The loan is a quick and simple way to get money.

What are the interest rates?


Generally, the interest rate for the credit revolves around 6,73% monthly. However, BV presents several other options with different taxes. It all depends on the risks and the purpose of the loan. To check the table, just visit the company website.

Is it worth using the services?

Advantages of applying for the loan

The advantages of hiring BV Financeira is the variety and accessibility of service. In addition to the large national expansion in stores, the bank offers services through online link or chat on the official portal.

The site is very simple and provides the necessary information of your products and contacts.

Finally, it is important to add that the company has a banking partnership with Banco do Brasil (BBAS3). Therefore, it increases the range of possibilities for the payment of their respective customers.

Disadvantages of service

One of the problems of the electronic address is the lack of simulators, with the exception of the credit of property with guarantee.

Another disadvantage is that if the customer loses the ticket and does not communicate to the attendants within 15 days, the amount of the installment can only be delivered to a collection office.

Be careful when applying for an internet loan so as not to fall into scams.

Beware of scams on the internet

It is a fact that with the advent of the internet, not only facilities for the daily life of the human being have emerged, but also serious problems that, depending on the proportion, sink the personal life of the person involved.

Money and calculator

Well, taking that statement into account, there are blows at all instant with regard to loan offers and other credits. Situation more common than you think.

But for you not to be the next victim, here are some tips to get rid of this headache: never pay in advance. Large banking institutions will never ask for advance payment before the money is released.

Another recurring issue is the misconfiguration of the site. Even if it looks professional, it is common for there to be some suspicious features.

So make sure you’re confident before you enter your personal data and navigate through all the tabs. An interesting tip is to look for the security certificate (padlock) located on the left side of the link.

In addition, although few people read the terms of use, it is crucial to check the points placed because criminals generally apply scams due to users’ lack of attention.

Do not stop there, it is essential that you research the company before closing business. You can usually find testimonials from people who have contracted the service and their experiences from Google.

If you have complaints of irresponsibility, it is not recommended to opt for such. And still look for official data, such as CNPJ, business name, address, and if you have a telephone number, call and see the level of service.

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