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If you have a negative credit bureau entry, it does not automatically mean that you have to do without a car or a property. There are a few providers who would be willing to award a higher amount of interested parties. But how realistic is it to get the amount you need, and what does the commitment depend on?

Up to $ 100,000 credit without credit bureau – is it even possible?

Up to $ 100,000 credit without credit bureau - is it even possible?

Yes. And yet: Most of the loan amounts that are granted to interested parties with poor credit ratings are in the five-digit range. Also on our site you can see that of 6 verified providers, only 3 of them offer the sums up to $ 7,500. The other 3 give interested parties the opportunity to borrow an amount between $ 25,000 and $ 120,000. After all, you have the certainty that this is possible. Now there is a further check to be made of which requirements have to be met in order to obtain a higher sum.



The low credit bureau score alone is not a reason to refuse a loan. Rather, it looks for exact entries. A late-paid bill will hardly have an impact on the decision – but arrest warrants or private bankruptcies will. In addition to the credit bureau score, good creditworthiness is also checked, which means that you have to provide various types of security, such as permanent employment.

Requirements met – take out a loan?

Requirements met - take out a loan?

If you are one of the lucky ones who got a loan approval despite the negative credit bureau, you should not act hastily. Much more requires careful consideration. Because a loan without credit bureau due to a high probability of default is always more expensive than a loan from a bank. That’s why you should really calculate exactly whether you can afford the loan in the long term. However, it is often the case that you rarely get such a large amount. Rather, the sums up to $ 20,000 will be awarded. The number of loans up to $ 100,000 is limited. Even if the high amount is promised, many often do not accept it because the costs are simply too high.



If you don’t get a promise, or if the costs seem too high, you should use the time to work on your own financial situation. That means, for example, improving the credit bureau score, saving or simply changing the priorities that would have required a loan. One could also take out a smaller loan amount and earn the rest of the amount, for example, by selling the old car.

Conclusion: It is theoretically possible to get a loan of up to $ 100,000 – and that despite negative credit bureau entries. In practice, such large sums are relatively rarely borrowed. On the one hand, it is because the conditions for negative credit bureau entries can rarely be met, on the other hand, because the costs for this are very high and rarely appear to be acceptable.

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